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What to Do After a Car Accident

It’s regular to feel disoriented after entering into a car mishap, especially if you received minor injuries. One of the last things you may consider would be when to call the best car accident attorney Indianapolis has available for your situation. However, it can be challenging to precisely remember what you should do while you’re at the scene in the heat of the moment. Adhere to these actions to ensure that you cover your bases in the event of a collision.

Call the Police

You should call the police even if the crash doesn’t seem too extreme. Obtaining an auto accident record from a police officer makes the insurance case process much more effective and makes sure that you have a composed document in case of a civil legal action when your auto accident attorney gets involved.

Continue to be at the Scene

After the motor vehicle accident, remain at the scene until law enforcement agents arrive and both events have exchanged insurance policy information.

Even if you weren’t liable, you might encounter hit-and-run costs for leaving the scene prematurely. Charges for this violation include a put on hold vehicle driver’s permit, large penalties, and jail time.

Exchange Info

When the cops aren’t able to reply to the scene, you should trade info, including the following information:

  • Insurance policy cards
  • Names
  • Telephone number
  • License plate numbers. 

You should also trade information with any witnesses to offer their account of what occurred throughout the examination.

Seek Medical Treatment

Suppose you notice an injury, either to yourself or a passenger, after the car accident. In that case, a law enforcement officer will call a rescue vehicle, such as a fire truck or an ambulance to the accident scene. However, some injuries might appear hours after the event. It is imperative to go to the physician’s office or emergency room on your own in this instance. In both circumstances, documenting all injuries, treatments, and prices will certainly help you if you need to submit an injury claim to your Indianapolis car accident attorney