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How to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney

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There are several reasons why an individual would need to hire a social security disability attorney. Primarily they are needed when it comes time to appeal a long term disability denial claim. When you are hiring a lawyer for social security, there are certain key points to seek out. They are listed below.

Requirements to Proving Disability for Different Medical Conditions

SSA evaluates your claim by focusing on your capacity to work. Even so, your limitations must have a basis in a medical or mental health condition. When the SSA reviews your case, it will compare your condition to those on their master list called the Listing of Impairments.
SSA views these impairments to be severe enough to prevent you from working full-time. If your condition meets or equals the strict criteria for a medical listing, you are automatically eligible for social security disability benefits.

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The specific rules published by the Social Security Administration for medical listings can sometimes be difficult to meet. The medical-vocational allowance, however, can be awarded to you.

Medical-vocational allowances are paid on a case-by-case basis
1. Age
2. Education
3. Work skills
4. Level of functional limitation
Most Social Security Disability claims that are approved for benefits are based on medical-vocational allowance.
Social Security Attorneys Attend Disability Hearings
Almost 70% of claims are denied at the first level of appeals, the reconsideration stage. If your claim is among the 70% denied, you will have to request a hearing to appeal the government decision with the SSDI disability hearing office.

The Process Can Be Difficult. Win Your Case with the Right Social Security Attorney

Getting disability benefits from Social Security can be complicated. It is ideal to have an advocate by your side who fights tooth and nail for your benefit and makes your life easier in the process.

Hire a social security disability lawyer who will assist you with the following tasks so that you don’t have to deal with multiple forms, steps, and rules on top of all your health concerns:

  • Regular update the process to fill out required forms and questionnaires
  • Gather your medical evidence from medical professionals
  • Develop the best legal strategy for your case
  • Handle unexpected complications
  • Make sure you meet all your deadlines
  • You should be prepared to argue with the disability judge
  • Consider suing in federal court if necessary

Disability benefits are available to people who have physical, mental health, or any combination of different conditions and qualify for disability benefits.

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Is it Necessary to Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

Here is a fact: According to a recent audit by the Social Security Administration, the denial rate for appeals is even higher than that of initial applications.

Most SSDI claimants have no idea where to begin when evaluating their medical records or the questions to ask their doctor. They do not understand what an examiner or judge will be looking for with a particular medical condition or how to prepare a disability case for a hearing fully.
She was dealing with a government bureaucracy such as the Social Security Administration is difficult and is especially hard on those who struggle with disabilities. And while it hardly seems fair that anyone should need to hire a Social Security disability attorney to win the disability benefits they deserve, this is the reality of Social Security’s complicated disability process.

Less than one of every three claims not represented by an attorney succeeds in being approved. With attorney representation, the number of successful Social Security Disability claims doubles.


Keys to Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits

You need to make sure that your medical evidence is accurate and presented clearly in your SSD application. Attorneys and staff excel in these areas, and they pay close attention to details. Clients have different needs and are unique. Here are some things you can expect us to do if you hire a Social Security disability attorney:

  1. Assistance with completing all forms for the Social Security Administrator.
  2. Review your medical records and make suggestions for any additional testing required to prove your case
  3. Supplement your claim file with additional medical records
  4. File any appeals necessary and handle all SSA paperwork
  5. Obtain medical reports and opinion evidence regarding your disability
  6. Consult with qualified Vocational Experts to get opinion evidence rebutting the ALJ called Vocational Experts
  7. Obtain and develop evidence regarding your “Residual Functional Capacity” that is the key to your disability claim
  8. Correctly calculate your SSD benefits
  9.  File a legal brief arguing the legal, medical, and vocational issues in your case
  10. File a lawsuit in Federal Court if necessary
  11. Filing your motion for summary judgment and responding to the government’s motion for summary judgment filed against you.

Contact Social Security Disability Lawyers for Help

Depending on the circumstances, there may be different deadlines for filing an appeal. You may have recently had long term disability denied. Final appeals must be made through an attorney before the federal district court. Get in touch with SSDI attorneys as soon as possible if you are considering applying for SSD. Call to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced social security disability attorney.

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