Criminal Defense Attorney in Indiana

Indiana criminal has a goal to safeguard society by protecting people and their property from criminal activity. Indiana criminal code covers everything from physical assault to arson, and punishments for violating the laws can be severe. This includes hefty fines, probation, Indiana house arrest, jail or even time in prison. If you are suspected or accused of violating the law, an Indiana criminal defense attorney will help you build a compelling case and secure the best possible outcome. Call our office at 317-981-2080 to speak with a criminal attorney as soon as possible.

criminal defense attorney Indiana

Protect Your Civil Rights

The Constitution guarantees the civil rights of someone accused of a crime, ensures a fast and speedy trial, an attorney, a jury of peers and the right to face your accuser. You need an attorney to help protect your civil rights from being trampled by the Indiana state government. Your rights as an accused need to be protected, no matter what type of crime. We defend our clients civil rights against the following crimes:

Need a Criminal Attorney

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A criminal arrest has both immediate and long-lasting consequences that can be devastating. Your freedom, your career and your family life may depend on the decisions you make in the next few days. As the result of a criminal conviction, a number of consequences can occur. Some of the results for being convicted include the following:

  • License Suspension
  • Community Service
  • Probation
  • Randon Drug and Alcohol Screening
  • House Arrest/Home Detention
  • Jail
  • Prison
  • Parole
  • Drug and Alcohol Classes

Even outside of criminal penalties, you can even experience intangible penalties, such as:

  • Limited Access to Government Funds
  • Limits in Insurance
  • Limited Access to Housing

criminal defense attorney Indiana

Legal Representation When You Need the Most

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for a crime, she understands the worry and frustration you are facing. No matter the charge against you, one of our criminal defense attorneys in Indiana will work fervently to explore every option available to eliminate your fears and find a path forward to protecting your rights and most important, your freedom. Call our office at 317-981-2080 to speak with a lawyer at ELM Law Office right away.