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Can You Get an Expungement

Being found guilty of criminal activity can affect your life for years ahead. Sometimes, for instance, a criminal record, even an arrest, could restrict where you can live and what you can do for work. Thankfully, there is a possibility to expunge your record, even an arrest record removed with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer. The specific laws concerning obtaining your history differ by state; below is what you ought to understand about expunging a criminal background. Call an attorney at 317-981-2080.

Aspects That Affect Eligibility

Not all convictions can be expunged for all individuals. Elements that affect qualification consist of the number of years that have passed since the sentence and also the nature and also seriousness of the charges in concern. Prior rulings can also impact the procedures.

Felonies Can Be Removed

Legal violation convictions, as well as felony sentences, can be removed. Furthermore, convictions for course capital crimes, offenses that call for registration as a sex offender, felony attack, and felony kidnapping can never be expunged.

Need an Expungement?


Proceedings for Obtaining an Expungement

To remove an arrest or conviction, you need to complete a request that notes all law enforcement agencies, courts, prosecutors, and state databases that are most likely to possess documents of the criminal activity. Then, you should file this petition with the court where you were billed or convicted. The state after that has thirty days to submit an argument.

To Object or Not Object

If the Prosecutor does not file an objection, the court will hold a brief expungement hearing. If the Prosecutor objects, on the other hand, a hearing will undoubtedly be set up. An expungement defense lawyer prepares you and your supporting documentation for this hearing and completes every step leading up to it to enhance the opportunities of attaining an expungement.

If it is Time to Expunge Your Record

If it comes time to expunge your criminal record. It is time to speak to a lawyer that handles getting a background cleared immediately. Time is literally a factor in getting your background cleared, speak with a criminal attorney in Indiana today.

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